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The Statute Of Frauds In Florida

When it comes to legal terminology, even the simplest words and phrases can be confusing. For example, a “contract” is most basically defined as a set of promises made by two or more people involved in a transaction.  But to be defined as a legal contract or legally...

Zoning Contingencies In Real Estate Transactions

Let’s say you’re thinking about buying a South Florida property – but you want to adapt it for another use. Or you want to build something entirely different there. In either case, it’s a good idea to include a zoning contingency in the contract. Here’s why. Why use...

Preparing for a Final Walkthrough When Purchasing Property

Buying a home not only takes a financial toll on many Americans, it may also take an emotional toll, as well. Two thousand Americans participated in a 2018 survey. Approximately 40 percent of the participants ranked buying a home as the single most stressful...

Six Steps to Take if Your Business is Sued in Florida

Maybe you saw it coming, or maybe it caught you completely off guard. In either case, finding out that your business is being sued in Florida is never a pleasant experience. However, what you do (or don’t do) when you get the news can make a huge difference in how...

Why Your Florida Business Should Have A Lawyer On Retainer

As leading business and real estate lawyers serving South Florida, we frequently represent clients who are in immediate need of our services. In some cases, they need our help meeting deadlines associated with real estate transactions or securing funding for their...

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