Eskander Loshak LLP are business lawyers in Fort Lauderdale, Florida who can help you with a range of business and legal concerns. If you own your own small business, are an entrepreneur launching a new business, or have an established business, it is often wise to speak to a business lawyer early, before a conflict or dispute arises. Employers are required to abide by strict employment laws when interviewing, hiring, and working with employees. It is important that you pay appropriate taxes and have the correct insurance. The way that you structure your business can also have serious implications for the tax burden your business may need to pay and for the legal protections your company might have. Finally, businesses may need to draw up contracts during the course of normal business operation. Having a valid and enforceable contract is essential to running a successful business. While many entrepreneurs, business owners, and companies have human resources teams to hire and interview employers, not all do. This is where a Fort Lauderdale, Florida business lawyer like Eskander Loshak LLP can help. When it comes to protecting your business, speaking to a lawyer can help prevent some of the more easily avoidable conflicts.

However, sometimes conflict arises. If you are facing a conflict with an employee, are facing breach of contract issues, have questions about your corporate organization structure, or have another concern, consider reaching out to the Fort Lauderdale, Florida business lawyers at Eskander Loshak LLP. Our firm can help mediate a resolution outside of court, or pursue litigation, if necessary.

A qualified business lawyer can review your employment contracts, help you incorporate your business in the best way possible, assist you with tax considerations, and help you protect your intellectual property through non-compete clauses or non-disclosure clauses. Businesses must abide by local, state, and federal law. The law can be complex. A qualified business lawyer can help you understand the law and implement compliant practices. If you have business legal questions, speak to Eskander Loshak LLP today.

How Should I Incorporate My Business in Fort Lauderdale, Florida?

Incorporating your business can provide a range of legal and tax protections for your company. There are several different types of corporations. Some corporation options include:

  • Limited Liability Companies, which can separate your business and personal assets. This kind of structure also affords companies tax flexibility and name protection.
  • C Corporations, which separate business and personal assets, but are taxed on corporate profits and shareholder dividends, and are required to hold regular meetings.
  • S Corporations, which are independent legal structures, distinct from the owners and can help separate personal assets from business debts.
  • Partnerships, which are easier to form, but offer less protection than L.L.C., C Corporations, and S Corporations.
  • Sole Proprietorships, which don’t make a distinction between business income and personal income. In this case, individuals who own sole proprietorships can be held legally liable for any lawsuits the business faces.

Each kind of corporation method offers its own degrees of protections. The list above is by no means an exhaustive list of the kinds of corporation options available to businesses. Some corporation methods are more expensive and complex to establish, while others require no formal establishment but afford far less protection. Certain types of corporations also offer certain kinds of tax incentives. A qualified corporate lawyer in Fort Lauderdale, Florida can help you review the different corporate organization structures available to your company and assist you with the process. Every business’s needs is unique. Whatever stage you are at in the business formation process: whether you are a start-up, small business, medium sized business, or larger business, Eskander Loshak LLP may be able to help you.

How a Business Lawyer Can Help You with Hiring and Contracts

A business is only as strong as its relationships. Every strong relationship in business is generally governed by a contract. Whether you are hiring a new employee, hiring a contractor, or establishing a new business relationship or partnership, having a sound contract in place is essential to protecting your interests and making your intentions clear to all parties. Failure to have a sound, and enforceable contract in place can lead to difficulties and challenges down the line. A business lawyer like Eskander Loshak LLP can review your goals, intentions, and help you draft a contract that will be enforceable should it need to be taken to court.

Some small business owners might be tempted to use boilerplate contracts they can find online. While these contracts might be sufficient for generic agreements, they don’t always take into account local laws and regulations. Furthermore, they may not always consider crucial details relevant to your unique circumstances. Eskander Loshak LLP can take the time to understand your unique business needs, draft a contract that works for you, and protect your interests. If you need assistance with an employment contract, non-compete contract, non-disclosure agreement, or business contract, contact our firm today. We can help.

 Protect Your Business Interests in Fort Lauderdale, Florida

 Whether you are just launching your business or have an established business and want to refresh your contracts and update your compliance, Eskander Loshak LLP are corporate lawyers in Fort Lauderdale, Florida who can help you navigate crucial aspects of business law. When you have business questions, the lawyers at Eskander Loshak LLP can help you navigate the various legal challenges of starting, running, or growing your business. We are here to help.