When two parties enter into a contract, they make promises to perform certain services or actions, or may agree to pay a certain amount of money for services or goods. Most contracts are formal and written, while some contracts are verbal and informal. Verbal contracts can be more difficult to enforce in court, while written contracts must be sound and valid in order to be enforceable. Breach of contract is a common business dispute that can arise for many reasons.

Breach of contract occurs when one person in the agreement fails to honor his or her obligations. For example, an employee can fail to perform his or her duties as specified in an employment agreement. Or, an employee can violate a non-compete clause by working in a similar field after leaving a job. Sometimes one party fails to pay another party as agreed. If you are facing a breach of contract issue, consider speaking to Eskander Loshak LLP today. Our attorneys can review your case and help you understand what your next steps should be. In some cases, it is possible to arrive at an agreement outside of court, while in other instances litigation is required. At Eskander Loshak LLP,we have attorneys with vast experience in breach of contract disputes. Our attorneys will work with you to help you get the best possible resolution permitted under the law.

Contract Disputes in Fort Lauderdale, Florida

 A contract dispute can have a major impact on your business or on a deal. One of the best ways to prevent contract disputes in the first place is to have a lawyer review your contracts before you issue or sign them. In some cases, both parties enter into a contract without a mutual understanding of what they are signing and this can lead to disagreements and issues.

Breach of contract can occur for several reasons. Sometimes individuals are acting fraudulently or negligently, which will ultimately lead to a dispute down the line. Other errors may cause a contract to be invalid or not legally ­ binding. For example, with certain non-compete clauses, the scope of the clause, the timeframe, and the geographic area must be specific and clear, without causing undue burden or hardship upon the employee. When the scope isn’t clear or reasonable, the contract may not be valid in court.

Sometimes both parties agree to one thing verbally and sign something else in the contract. This may be due to confusion from one or both parties, or due to a poorly written contract. Contract disputes can be stressful and can impact your business. In order to protect yourself, consider speaking to the contract lawyers at Eskander Loshak LLP in Fort Lauderdale, Florida today. Our lawyers can review your contracts to ensure that they are enforceable in court. We can also review any contracts or deals before you sign them to ensure that you are not missing any key points or language that could lead to a later contract dispute or misunderstanding. If you are facing a contract dispute in Fort Lauderdale, Florida, reach out to our attorneys today.

Contract Lawyer in Fort Lauderdale, Florida

 Whether you are creating an employment contract or drafting up a contract to work with a new contractor, the language in your contract can have a major impact on your business and your rights. When hiring new workers, it is also important to consider your trade secrets and business interests. This is why many companies have non-compete clauses in their contracts and other provisions to protect their proprietary material. The way these clauses are worded matters. An improperly worded employment contract or non-compete contract may not hold weight in court. In order to properly protect your rights, you need a contract lawyer in Fort Lauderdale, Florida like Eskander Loshak LLP on your side. Our firm can help you draft sound employment contracts to meet your unique needs.

Sometimes a business might be tempted to use a template contract online using boilerplate language. Before you choose to go with a template contract or boilerplate language, consider your unique business needs and have a lawyer review the contract. Boilerplate language may not always take into account local laws, industry regulations, or the needs of your business.

If you need a contract for a sale, or a contract to establish a new business relationship, a contract lawyer in Fort Lauderdale, Florida at Eskander Loshak LLP can help. We can review the language, clarify the terms, and help protect your rights. Many business disputes occur because one party claims that the other party breached the contract. Having a sound contract in place can make a huge difference in protecting your rights.

Legal Remedies for Breach of Contract in Fort Lauderdale, Florida

 Rarely do people outright violate the terms of a contract. Often, contract disputes result from a misunderstanding from one or both parties about the nature of the contract. In some cases, the contract is not enforceable at all. If a breach of contract has occurred, the injured party may be able to seek compensatory damages, as well as other damages. In some cases, two parties arrive at a verbal agreement and a breach of contract occurs because the terms are violated. While these contracts are more difficult to enforce, you may have certain rights. Eskander Loshak LLP are breach of contract lawyers who can help you if you are facing this issue. Take steps to protect yourself and your interests today. Speak to our attorneys.